Willow and R-T in Nulls Brawl Soon

The average number of Brawlers introduced per year in Nulls Brawl is about 10, with the exception of 11 in 2020. With the recent influx of new characters in the past four months, it’s not surprising that expectations are high for the upcoming Brawl Talk.

The latest mystery in Starr Park introduces two new Brawlers: R-T, a guard with the ability to mark enemies for increased damage, and Willow, a mythic Brawler with mind control abilities that can take over enemy fighters for a limited time. R-T’s Super ability allows him to split into two parts, allowing for control of two zones at once. Willow’s attacks involve throwing a poison-tipped lantern, and her Super ability allows her to take control of an enemy Brawler.

R-t in Nulls Brawl.

Both Brawlers have unique skins available, including a Crimson R-T skin with spooky tentacles and a Patrol R-T skin with police sirens. Willow’s skins include the Kitsune Lola, Oni Otis, and Tengu Mike skins, inspired by Japanese folklore.

In addition to the new Brawlers, permanent game modes include Basket Brawl and Duels, which share the same game slot and alternate daily. The Battle Start Screen now displays customizable options, including skins, player profile pictures, pins, Fame, Mastery Level, and Titles. Progression in the new Mastery system is achieved by collecting Mastery Points through winning matches with specific Brawlers.


R-T has 7200 health and deals 1500 damage with his primary attack which leaves a mark, causing the enemy to take 10% more damage on the next attack. His Super ability, called “Division,” separates his upper and lower body, with his legs remaining in place and his upper body becoming controllable. The attack deals 1200 damage to both areas and still marks targets, with circular attacks similar to Jacky. Using the Super again reattach’s both halves and heals R-T.


Meet Willow, a mythical Brawler with the ability to control the minds of her enemies. She will be unlockable in early April on the Starr Path and is the guardian of the Tunnel of Love in Starr Park, where she has mastered the art of controlling the hearts of visitors.

Willow new skin Nulls Brawl.

Willow has 5700 Health and her primary attack involves throwing swampy-tipped lanterns that deal progressive damage over time at her targets, with 570 damage per hit.

Her Super ability, Mind Control, involves throwing a tadpole that enters the enemy’s mind, allowing Willow to control the enemy Brawler for a period of time. During this time, the controlled Brawler is healed to full health but is unable to use their Super or Gadgets. The mind control effect ends after a short time, when Willow is defeated, or when the controlled Brawler takes a significant amount of damage. Players must use Willow’s mind control ability wisely as it can backfire!

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